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Take A Closer Look At Our Paver Restoration Process

Restored red brick pavers

Paver Restoration

We power wash your pavers, re-sand the joints and apply 2-3 coats of high-quality sealant.

Cracked pavers

Brick Paver Repairs

We will remove damaged or cracked pavers, repair the base & install your replacements.

Travertine pool deck

Travertine Sealing

We carefully clean your travertine deck, re-sand the joints and apply a coat of high-performance sealant.

Stone Veneer Facade

Brick Feature Sealing

We will clean and seal any vertical feature such as stone veneers, walls, fire pits and benches.

Failed paver sealer

Stripping & Sealing

We chemically strip old, failed sealant, apply new joint sand & 2-3 coats of sealant.

New concrete driveway

Concrete Sealing

We pressure wash any concrete surface and applying a single coat of a penetrating concrete sealer.

Shellock Pavers

Shellock Sealing

We will carefully clean your shellock deck to protect it against the elements & provide an excellent finish.

Hotel Driveway

Commercial Sealing

No project is too big! We pressure wash, sand and seal parking lots, sidewalks, hotel drive-ups and entire roads.


Protect Your Investment

Many brick paver driveways, patios, and pool decks are valued between $8,000 and $20,000. Over time, pavers and concrete are exposed to:
– The sun’s harmful rays
– Efflorescence (whitish salt residue found on the paver surface)
– Harmful pool chemicals
– Mildew, oil, grease, and tire tracks

Our process will give your pavers the stability, durability and protection they need, and the look they deserve, Bringing to life the valuable appearance of the exterior of your home or business!

Our Paver Cleaning & Sealing Process


Initial walk-through and inspection, analyzing paver age, condition, checking for subsidence, etc., and inspecting all joints and joint sand. We break down the entire project with you and take "before" pictures.

Preventive Solution

Application of non-harmful anti-fungal/mold-prevention solution to remove any algae/mold present.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning of the entire target area using surface cleaner and high-pressure nozzle to clean out all joints and remove any loose sand and debris..


Re-sanding of all joints, applied wet to ensure proper penetration into the deepest crevices which will ultimately ensure highly stabilized joints.


Application of a professional-grade, 100% safe, water-based sealant. Depending on existing conditions, this may involve an initial flood coat to ensure penetration and hardening of joint sand to confer proper stabilization or a simple topcoat to bring pavers with only a slight fade back to life.

Why Seal?

Paver stripping should never be a DIY task. Because paver sealing is sometimes completed by amateurs who can leave pavers blotchy, spotted or worse, we offer detailed sealant stripping services. We will strip your pavers in a safe and careful manner, undoing the adverse affects of an unprofessional sealing job. After stripping and taking all necessary steps to restore your pavers we then seal them with our brilliant and reliable Seal ‘n Lock® sealant.

Cleaning & Sealing

We clean your pavers with utmost care. At Expert Sealers we use a high-pressure nozzle to clean out all joints and remove any loose sand and debris.

After giving your pavers a premium clean we make sure they stay that way with Seal ‘n Lock® sealant. Not only do we leave your pavers sparkling clean, but we ensure they stay protected with enhanced vibrance and richness.

Stripping & Sealing

If pavers are never sealed, the original finish will be lost and exposed aggregate will begin to appear.

The “dry” fading look is eliminated by sealing the pavers and replaced by an illustrious “wet-look” finish that enhances the colors.

– Sealing extends life and brilliance.

– Sealing creates a barrier against harmful pool chemicals, oil, grease, and grime.

Sealing prevents…

– Brick erosion

– Color fading

– Weed Growth

– Structural degradation

– Most stains

– Mildew and mold


Whether it’s faded pavers with weeds and moss to sunken pavers, missed edging, and failing joint sand we have you covered. We use our step by step system to make sure your pavers are fixed, revived, and restored.


When carried out correctly, our tested clean, sand and seal process should last 3-5 years before the sealer needs to be re-applied.

We always follow weather forecasts closely. While we can pressure wash in any weather, if there is a high chance of rain we will delay sealing until optimal conditions return.

We offer a 12-month warranty on both labor and materials. For some projects we also include a free 6-month maintenance program to rectify any potential issues such as missing joint sand, weeds, etc.

Typically it will not make concrete brick pavers slippery. However, travertine pavers may  become slick when wet; for this reason, we apply a non-slip polymer to the sealant which provides sufficient grip.

The average job takes one day, with the average 700 sq. ft driveway being completed in roughly 5 hours. Larger jobs (e.g. 2,500+ sq feet) may take multiple days.

No; all the products we use (Sealthane, Ure Seal, Seal N Lock) are entirely plant- and animal-safe.

We take steps to protect any areas that may be affected by sealant (applying plastic and tape if necessary) and we use a spray shield for all vertical surfaces. 

We ask that all areas to be treated be left as clear as possible prior to our arrival. We are happy to help move any large or heavy items on the day, but you should make plans to put them back in place once the sealer is cured.