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Expert Paver Sealers of Tampa represents a coming-together of experiences across various fields, ranging from commercial painting and sealing to business management and sales.

We are a team of professionals who bring years of experience to the table coupled with the technical knowledge of our industry partners to give our customers the most reliable and trusted service in the area.

We understand that home and business owners have an abundance of choice when it comes to local paver sealing services, and so we strive to stand out by adopting those old-fashioned principles of courtesy, respect, and professionalism.

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Expert Paver Sealers of Tampa is a renowned local company that specializes in the protection and enhancement of your pavers using state-of-the-art sealers. Our unwavering dedication to excellence ensures that your project is flawlessly executed right from the start. We work only with the highest-quality products available in the industry, enabling us to provide unmatched service and customer satisfaction.

Our expertise lies in sealing a wide variety of paver surfaces including patios, pool decks, walkways, driveways, roads, and more - as well features such as fire pits, walls and stone veneers. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we guarantee professionalism and top-notch service. When it comes to paver sealing, you can trust Expert Paver Sealers of Tampa to deliver exceptional results. Contact us today and let us help you transform your outdoor space.

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Why Clean & Seal My Pavers?

Brick pavers serve as a great addition to any outdoor space, but they don’t last forever. If you want your outdoor pavers to look beautiful year-round, we recommend that you have them pressure washed at least on a yearly basis and properly maintained with a professional-grade sealant.

Our paver sealing process offers outstanding results; whether you have a paver driveway or travertine pool deck, our concrete cleaning, paver cleaning and paver restoration service will leave your outdoor spaces looking fantastic for years to come. Get your pavers sealed with Expert Paver Sealers of Tampa today!

Below we’ll take a look at what causes brick paving stones to age, sink, crack and lose their original aesthetics, while giving some tips on how best to maintain your brick-paved pool deck, driveway or patio.

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What causes brick pavers to age?

There are many factors that contribute to aging brick pavers. As pavers age, they experience a variety of changes. Some lower-quality pavers may look old and worn-out after just a year, while others may last for many years before signs of wear start to appear. We’ve rejuvenated pavers that are ~20 years old, and, while they may not always come out brand new, they come extremely close!

Factors that contribute to brick pavers aging include:

  • Chemical reactions between the underlying aggregate and water may cause brick pavers to expand or contract over time. As brick pavers move, hairline cracks may form.

  • Sunlight may cause brick pavers to fade over time, though brick paving stones can be protected with brick paver sealers that contain UV inhibitors.

  • In colder climates, winter freeze/thaw cycles as well as chemicals used on brick pavements can affect the strength and color of brick paver stones. In hot summer months, hot weather can also have a damaging effect on the appearance of brick paving slabs.

What makes brick pavers sink?

When the joints between your pavers are not properly locked in with sand and a professional paver sealer, rainwater is able to seep between them, running beneath the pavers to saturate the ground beneath. Over time this washes out the substrate (typically sand) and diminishes the stability of your pavers, causing them to sink.

What’s more, as brick pavers sink they are prone to cracking or breaking apart.

This is particularly troublesome on driveways, where parked vehicles apply continuous weight in specific spots beneath the tires. If the paver joints are not properly sealed, with time they can and will begin to sink, resulting in an unsightly appearance at the entrance to your home and reducing the value of your house.

When paver joints are properly sealed, the weight (e.g. from vehicle tires) is spread out over a larger area, resulting in much greater stability as the burden is shared.

Driveway pavers recently sealed

What makes brick pavers crack?

Brick paver stones that are under pressure tend to crack over time. Pressure occurs when water accumulates beneath the stones, and in colder climates can also be due to frost heave (where repeated freezing causes soil gradually to expand). Cracks can cause brick pavements to be unstable, leading them to become uneven and hard-to-walk on.

Additionally, cracks allow weeds and mosses to grow between brick pavers. This is particularly bothersome in Florida, where the hot and humid climate provides the perfect environment for weeds to thrive.

How did my pavers end up looking so ugly?

If left untreated for some time, brick paving stones can completely lose their aesthetics. Conditions such as areas of high moisture build-up can result in the development of green and black mold and algae, which make brick pavements look dirty and unappealing.

Thankfully, this can be treated. The first stage of our paver cleaning and sealing process is to apply an algae-busting chlorine rinse, which is a 5:1 water-chlorine mixture sprayed over the entire surface to be treated in order to kill any living spores or vegetation (weeds) to leave the pavers ‘sterilized’ before we sand and seal.

Sealed Pavers

It should be noted that this is not a permanent solution; areas susceptible to heavy water build-up (e.g. low spots under pool screen enclosures) may still see some organic growth after sealing. However, this is on top of the sealant and can be removed with a garden hose and some light scrubbing with a yard brush. We highly recommend cleaning and maintaining your pavers at least once a year to keep them looking fabulous!

Pavers being pushed up by tree roots

And what about those tree roots??

This is another common issue for any home or business owner that has paved areas such as a pool deck, driveway or patio close to large, mature trees.

Over time, as the roots from the trees proliferate and take hold in the surrounding area, the more superficial ones can find their way underneath your pavers.

Inevitably, the strength of the roots and the need of the tree for water is so great that they will push the pavers up, not only making them look unsightly but creating a dangerous trip hazard, especially for homes with children or elderly residents.

Expert Paver Sealers of Tampa encounters this problem all the time, and we simply take out the pavers, cut out the nuisance roots and replace the stones, leaving them as even as the day they were installed.

What is paver sealing and how often should you get it done?

The use of brick paver sealers can give brick paving stones a nice sheen that will help protect the brick from stains and wear and tear associated with exposure to harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind and more.

The application of brick paver sealers also acts as a barrier that helps to inhibit weed growth between pavers, which can be especially frustrating in the Florida climate. Please note that paver sealing alone is not a permanent solution; airborne weed spores can still land and grow from the sealed joints, but are far easier to remove than those growing from out of the substrate.

Worker brushing sand into driveway pavers ready to seal

This same paver sealing barrier is also effective in inhibiting the formation of pest habitats such as ant nests. Any Florida homeowner will tell you that inadvertently standing in a fire ant nest and getting bitten is an extremely unpleasant and painful experience, with effects that can last for days. Sealing pavers or ‘paver sealing’ – and more importantly, locking in joint sand between your pavers – will provide some much-needed relief from these unfortunate encounters.

Expert Paver Sealers of Tampa recommends pressure washing brick pavers every year (or power washing), as well as applying one coat of sealer where necessary to maintain beautiful aesthetics and lasting durability. If you have brick pavers in your home, paver sealing and paver restoration are an essential part of your annual maintenance.

Brick paver pool deck being prepped for stripping failed sealant

Stripping & Sealing

If pavers are never sealed, the original finish will be lost and exposed aggregate will begin to appear. The “dry” fading look is eliminated by sealing the pavers and replaced by an illustrious “wet-look” finish that enhances the colors.

Paver sealing:

  • Sealing extends life and brilliance.

  • Sealing creates a barrier against harmful pool chemicals, oil, grease, and grime.

    ... and sealing your pavers inhibits:

  • Brick paver erosion

  • Color fading

  • Weed growth

  • Structural degradation

  • Most stains

  • Mildew and mold

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will The Sealer Last?

When carried out correctly, our tested clean, sand and seal process should last 3-5 years before the sealer needs to be re-applied.

What Happens If It Rains?

We always follow weather forecasts closely. While we can pressure wash in any weather, if there is a high chance of rain we will delay sealing until optimal conditions return.

Do You Offer A Warranty?

We offer a 12-month warranty on both labor and materials. For some projects we also include a free 6-month maintenance program to rectify any potential issues such as missing joint sand, weeds, etc.

Does The Sealant Make The Pavers Slippery?

Typically it will not make concrete brick pavers slippery. However, travertine pavers may become slick when wet; for this reason, we apply a non-slip polymer to the sealant which provides sufficient grip.

How Long Does The Process Take?

The average job takes one day, with the average 700 sq. ft driveway being completed in roughly 5 hours. Larger jobs (e.g. 2,500+ sq feet) may take multiple days.

Is Your Sealant Harmful To Plants Or Animals?

No; all the products we use (Sealthane, Ure Seal, Seal N Lock) are entirely plant- and animal-safe.

Does The Sealer Get Onto The House Or Walls?

We take steps to protect any areas that may be affected by sealant (applying plastic and tape if necessary) and we use a spray shield for all vertical surfaces.

Do You Move Furniture?

We ask that all areas to be treated be left as clear as possible prior to our arrival. We are happy to help move any large or heavy items on the day, but you should make plans to put them back in place once the sealer is cured.

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